Welcome to Flaxfield, the landscape world of Edward Vlasveld.
Edward produces his unique, cutting-edge garden designs through his unique company Flaxfield.     After completing his studies in Japan, earning him the much-coveted title ‘garden artitect’, Edward left for the United States and Italy to broaden his horizons and enrich his knowledge.     He started working with well-known architects and project developers, mainly in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Tuscany and Sicily.     It will therefore come as no surprise that they call him a perfectionist.     In 1999, Edward founded Flaxfield, a play on words on his surname.     Since then Edward has grown to become an internationally recognised and successful designer of interior and exterior gardens, renowned for their exceptional design and quality.     Despite his successes Edward tries to keep a low profile, away from the glaring eye of the media.     If needed, he takes extreme care to protect the privacy and confidentiality of his high-profile clients.     Edward hopes you will enjoy this journey through his site – his world of gardens.